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Unique Towel Racks

Unique Towel Rack

Antique Turqouise Metal Fishy Towel Rack

Features of this product:

  • Fun wall mounted towel rack
  • Six handy hooks
  • turquoise finish over metal features a playful fish swimming in the sea.
  • Made from recycled drum rings.
  • Dimensions: 30.5″w x 20.5″h
  • Made in small cottage industries in places such as Honduras, Morocco, and Colombia

Err…well, the description of this little beauty is pretty much spelled out in the title. Not much to add besides (for the benefit of our blind visitors) the fact that this unique metal construction is shaped like the word “towels”. With a bit of creative welding and reshaping, you could probably get it to spell out all sorts of other words but, for the sake of simplicity and domestic tranquility, you should probably just stick with “towels”. In any case, a unique towel rack item which we’re sure none of your neighbors has had the bright idea to acquire…yet!

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