Poolside Towel Racks

Pool Towel Rack

Poolside Towel Rack by Hydrotools

Features of this product:

  • Easy to assemble water weight table base
  • Keeps towels dry and handy
  • Great for storing masks and goggles
  • Nice white color means it stays cool in the sun

It’s the Hydrotools Poolside Towel Rack! It sits by the pool, and it racks up towels. Granted, it’d be best if you kept it to racking up your own poolside towels and not the property and undergarments of friends and strangers, but a simple inanimate object can’t be expected to observe social conventions by itself. It’s made of plastic, and its four racks hold plenty of towels, ski masks, and goggles, in addition to the (hopefully not soon to be pilfered) property of poolside relatives and friends. Thou shalt not pilfer by the pool!

Poolside Towel Rack

Bronze Outdoor Spa and Pool Towel Rack

Features of this product:

  • Comes in white, beige, or the new metallic bronze
  • portable outdoor towel rack
  • It stands 50″ tall and has (3) 24″ adjustable crossbars.
  • This towel rack is made of high quality furniture grade plastic, so it will not rust, crack, discolor, or rot like the other towel racks.
  • 13″ weightable base provides excelent stability (fills easily with water)

Yep, it’s bronze, and comes in handy as a third place consolation prize for those who fail to score with you by the poolside. Still, for those who loved and lost, this beautiful bronze poolside tool rack will make an excellent conversation piece and keepsake. Hopefully, this will be because you’ve graciously allowed them to cart it off with them, rather than committed any unsavory acts with it, but what you do at your own poolside is entirely your own business, and well beyond the scope of an advertisement website. Keep cool by the pool, kids!

Pool Towel Tree

Poolside Towel Tree by Poolmaster

Features of this product:

  • Portable handy poolside towel holder
  • Conveniently hang wet or dry towels and swimsuits
  • The noncorrosive PVC construction is completely weatherproof
  • 49-inch tall tree has three 24-inch bars divided into 6 sections
  • Fill base with sand for stability; base measures 15 by 11 inches

No Christmas in California, especially in June? Perish the thought, Santaholics! The Poolside Towel Tree by Poolmaster can easily remedy your homesickness for the holidays, by bringing a semi-reasonable semblance (assuming you squint a lot) of the classic Christmas tree directly to your poolside! It comes with four handy branches, upon which you can hang all of your towels, pool cleaning accessories, and other gifts of the season for all of your friends and family! Merry Christmas, and a partridge in a Poolside Towel Tree!

Towel Racks

Poolside Stainless Steel Towel Tree by Poolmaster

Features of this product:

  • Stylish, stainless steel, designer towel tree
  • 3 stainless steel bars provide plenty of room for the whole family
  • Hang wet bathing suits and towels to dry
  • Heavy duty weighted base for stability
  • Height of the towel tree is 47 inches with three 13-inch swivel bars

This is the scaled down, nuts and bolts, no nonsense, version of the Poolside Towel Tree – yep, it’s the Poolside Stainless Steel Towel Tree! This industrial finished, cold, metal pool towel rack monster will store all your towels and poolside implements such as cleaning tools and snorkeling masks and gear in a terse, tight lipped, Spartan style. Devoid of excess frills and furnishings, the heartless embrace of steel will greet you with indifference as you climb from your pool and reach for your towel. With its cold metal exterior, it certainly won’t provide you with nice warm towels like these towel racks, but one thing’s for sure – it’s the perfect reality check! Welcome back!

Towel Rack

Poolside Towel Tree by Splash Pools

Features of this product:

  • Conveniently hang-dry wet towels, swimsuits, accessories and other sports clothing
  • 49-Inch tall
  • Three 24-inch bars divided into 6 sections

I think that I shall never see, advertising copy as lovely as a Poolside Towel Tree, and by Splash Pools this time! It’s got three robust 24″ branches which self-divide, like one of H.P. Lovecraft’s nightmarish Shoggoths, into six branches, upon which you can store all of your poolside towels, snorkel masks, undergarments (in case you feel like skinny dipping!), and other diverse unmentionables. This poolside towel rack will store them all, sans personal judgment or any intention of giving perjurious testimony in a court of law afterward.

Poolside Towel Rack

Raft, Float and Towel Caddy with Hamper by Inflatables

Features of this product:

  • Pool Organizer
  • Made out of non-corroding PVC
  • Assembles in minutes

It’s the ultimate all in one package. Yes, it’s the Raft, Float, and Towel Caddy! When you’re looking to hit the pool in grand Gatsby fashion (assuming you haven’t leafed ahead to the end, where he gets it), you’ll need one of these fine creations from Inflatables. Finished with your poolside raft and need someplace to store it? Just deflate it and squish it onto this deluxe, full sized, towel caddy, and leave a few towels and assorted other bric a brac behind as well. Now, get inside, and make us all some preppie drinks, you cad!

Outdoor Towel Rack

Bronze Outdoor Towel Holder Pool and Spa Valet

Features of this product:

  • Neatly holds wet towels, bathing suits and miscellaneous pool accessories.
  • Includes swivel accessory tray.
  • Three 24″ adjustable towel bars.
  • Six towel clips to keep your towels from getting blown away!
  • PVC construction is extremely durable, weather resistant, and light weight which makes it easy to move

This excellent new Bronze Outdoor Towel Holder and Spa Valet can be your very own personal Jeeves. It will hold your personal towels, poolside accoutrements such as snorkel masks, and all of your spa gear as well! Just drape a few towels on one of its branches, and hop in, secure in the knowledge that your precious poolside accessories will all be waiting there for you when you return. Its sturdy PVC construction may even have you firing your maid or mistress in favor of someone who won’t complain about being “objectified”!

Poolside Towel Rack

Portable 5 Bar Bronze Outdoor Towel Rack by Outdoor Lamp Company

Features of this product:

  • Large base provides excellent stability.
  • Packed 1 per box / 4 per master carton.
  • Counts as 1 case.
  • Color: Bronze.
  • Size: 40 T x 40 W x 18 D.

This is the big one. This swimming pool towel rack is the Olympic sized model, the hulking Brontosaurus, the Kimbo Slice of the towel rack industry. With its large storage capacity, you might even see it being used as a hotel towel rack, with enough space for the towels of all the hotels’ guests! This elephantine apparatus is more than capable of hanging all of your towels, pool toys, cleaning items, and snorkel accessories, and cry out for more! Actually, it will more than likely simply stay silent, secure in the knowledge that it’s made to last a long, long time. A lot longer than you will, actually. Makes you a little sad, doesn’t it? Don’t worry – you can wash away your sorrow with a dip in the pool, secure in the knowledge that your trusty towel rack will be right there to give you the fluffy towel you require.